Public art / Installation

Commissions for public and private spaces. Example on earlier assignments:

Sculpture in Borgafjäll
Konstvägen Sju Älvar
Titel: Return
Year: 2013

The concept of the artwork emanates from Borgafjäll and its surroundings. The stone material represents the sacred Borgahällan mountain and the characteristic roof silhouette of Ralph Erskine´s Hotell Borgafjäll is present in the sculpture. Above all, the artist wishes to highlight the local history and tales of the Sami culture. The Sami people have been part of the area for a long period of time, and the glass takes the form of a Sami drum found in a swamp within the Voernese sameby area. Who hid the drum there? When and why was it hidden?

Glass installation Villa Bergnäset
Glass installation in an architecturally designed house, Villa Bergnäset, outsida Tärnaby.
Titel: Villa Bergnäset
Year: 2006
6 glass panels x 50 x 60 cm

A snowdrift which appeared on the window after a blizzard, the wavy horizontal line of Laxfjället which is visible through the house 
as well as a colour composition complementing the house and its owner are all issues explored by Monica and part of the final work.