Storytelling is an important part of our cultural heritage and Monica are happy to share stories part of her life. 

The book about 100 MIGRATORY is now out on the market. Can be ordered at dat(a)
Cost NOK 250 or SEK 290 (around USD 45) plus freight. Book is 158 pages written in English and Lule Sami and some texts in Swedish.
Images from the 100 vessels in Ulldevis Sàbme Sweden by Carl-Johan Utsi and Mikael Rutberg as well as images from the vessels journeys around the World. The texts give an insight into the conceptual thoughts behind the extensive artwork 100 MIGRATORY.
ISBN 978 82 90625 73 8.

 100 MIGRATORY info som pdf


Performance show SE & HÖR # 3 
During March and April 2011 the three artists Martina Wolgast, Bill Olson and Monica L Edmondson toured north Sweden, to share experiences, influences and storys behind their art. An exciting performance including music and film, objects and drawings.

Photo: Mikael Rutberg