Articles from exhibition in Luleå Kulturens Hus Oct 2017

Norrbottens-Kuriren 20 October 2017 p. 26-27

NSD 23 October 2017 p. 20-21

Samefolket no 6 2017 p. 6

Art and crafts part of architecture

Web_Samefolket nr4_2016

Article in Samefolket no. 4/2016

100 MIGRATORY, Swedish mining industry & a broken vessel of glass

Article in VK Kultur 20th of February 2016


Link to article (in Swedish) and film clip from the demonstrations at Gállok September 2013

Article in Swedish Lapland

Blogg_Edmondson_all-100_100M-395100 MIGRATORY is mentioned in an article in Swedish Lapland “ Jokkmokk Winter Market – and the story continues”  about the winter market held every year since 1605. This year it is between the 4-6th of February 2016. 

Text by Håkan Stenlund and images by Carl-Johan Utsi

Art to discover

Wp_Artikel VK ForseteArticle about the last few years collaboration between Monica and White Arkitekter, ending up with pattern designs for a screenprinted glass facade, canopies and a ceiling in a central block and shopping mall in Umeå Sweden. In VK 25th of March 2015

Contemporary Sami Art and design

35 leading artists in the Sápmi region is presented in this reference book by Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing 2015. 
Monica L Edmondson and her work is presented on page 38-43.
ISBN 978-91-87543-29-6


Book review


NSD 20140516

My first review of the book 100 MIGRATORY was published in the newspaper NSD 16th of May 2014. I’m happy as it was great feedback all through. The author Jan Bergsten started and finished the article by writing:

“There are art projects and then there are art projects with that something extra…”

“… It is a beautiful book with Monica Edmondson´s beautiful glass vessels and with beautiful images from near and far, from the demonstrations (against mining – my comment) in Kallak Jokkmokk to the desert of Saudi Arabia…”


Fragile dance in dialogue with art

Blog_VK_dansrecensionRead a review from the 3rd of February 2014 in VK, of the performance among the glass by dancer and choreographer Carmen Olsson,  here as a pdf  Fragile dance in dialogue with art (in Swedish). Written by Sara Meidell.

Articles in regional and national media 1st of February 2014



Return journey

VK 24th of January 2014

VK 24th of January 2014

A review article “En hemkomst” in the paper about the return of the 100 vessels of glass and the upcoming exhibition 100 MIGRATORY. Written by Sara Meidell at Västerbottens-Kuriren 20140124.