LOVING CUP exhibition until April 28th 2019

Vessel no 13/100 is part of a group exhibition at The Glass Museum of Sweden, Kulturparken Småland.
Exhibition opens October 20th 2018 – April 28th 2019

Images from Cuba of the glass now part of the show in Växjö.

Photo: Helena Nilsson

Exhibition & Artist talk Oct-17 Kulturens Hus Luleå

Part of 100 MIGRATORY is on show at Konsthallen Luleå. Opening 6 PM Friday 20th of October. 
Monica will present her past, present and future work at 2 PM Saturday 21st of October.
Welcome to Kulturens Hus Luleå!

Link to the program here (in Swedish)

Exhibition Harstad Norway 24 June – 1 July 2017

Welcome to the opening 24th of June 2017 at 4pm
Amfi Betheus in Harstad Norway

The glass video and sound installation Luodda – Track by Monica L Edmondson is part of the touring group exhibition Áigematki – Time travel. 
The exhibition shows contemporary art created by Sámi artists living in Norway, Finland and Sweden.
All exhibitors are members of Sámi Dáiddacehpiid Searvi (SDS)/the Sámi Artists’ Association.

Tour program Norway:
Kraftbyen Trondheim February 2017
Harstad June 2017
Bodö autumn 2017
Karasjok spring 2018

Background and thoughts about Luodda – here

100 MIGRATORY in Tärnaby

Carmen Olsson dansar i 100 MIGRATORY. Foto: Mille Selander

Folkets Hus
Gränshandelsmarknaden 25-27 July 2014

The extensive art project 100 MIGRATORY, by the artist Monica L Edmondson, return to its origin in Tärnaby. It will be exhibited with selected images by Carl-Johan Utsi and Mikael Rutberg during Gränshandelsmarknaden at Folkets Hus Tärnaby.
The glass is displayed only during the dance performance by Carmen Olsson on Saturday and Sunday (info below).

The book 100 MIGRATORY is for sale for 290 SEK and postcards for 25 SEK each. Cash only.

Exhibition at Folkets Hus open:
Friday and Saturday 12 – 5 PM, Sunday 12 – 3PM

As part of the exhibition the dancer and choreographer Carmen Olsson gives a dance performance among the glass at Folkets Hus.
Saturday at 3 PM and Sunday at 1PM. Tickets for sale at Hemavan Tärnaby Touristinformation for 30 SEK each.

Top of the World

14th of June was the opening night of the exhibition Top of the World and the new Sami Center of Contemporary Art in Karasjok Norway. It was a wonderful night with so many people. It must have been 200 persons there, from near and far, speeches, music and dance performance by Carmen Olsson amongst the glass. I feel very privileged to exhibit parts of 100 MIGRATORY together with these top artists Outi Pieski, Lindsay Seers, Linda Persson, Joar Nango and Roger Mullin. Gijtto Thank you staff and all others who helped out to get it all look so good in the end!

1000 km north Top of the World


Opening at 6 PM Saturday the 14th of July 2014

Why head south when you can go north?
1000 km north of Tärnaby is the place of 100 MIGRATORY as part of

Top of the World

Sámi Dáiddaguovddás / Sami Center for Contemporary Art, Karasjok Norway
14 June – 20 July 2014

Welcome to the opening Saturday 14th of June 2014 at 6 PM!
Monica will be there.

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Invitasjon_innvielse-SDG-3 Invitasjon_innvielse-SDG-5




Museum of Västerbotten Umeå Sweden

1 February – 11 May 2014

Vernissage 100 MIGRATORY II_web