Monica has extensive experience as a speaker at national and international conferences and seminars.
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Language: Swedish or English

Earlier titles of lectures:
Spanning tradition and modern cultures
About skiing, art and the Sámi
Running an international business from a remote area
Reflections in glass
Work with thought feeling form
World-wide art & glass : Made in Sápmi

The lecture past present future is a visual presentation into a glass artist’s way of thinking and expressing; an insight to how the work evolve – from an abstract thought or feeling into an art object in glass, textile or other materials. At the same time it is a journey in an inspiring winter landscape and the Sami culture as well as images of the technical process to make the glass art.  30 minutes – 1½ hour

Monica is open to any suggestions of lectures or other educational activities for children and adults. She has a pedagogical university degree from earlier years which is of use in the formation of official and pedagogical assignments.


In May 2014 Monica was a speaker at the session titled “The Sami people and its culture: encounters and discussions” at the conference “Les Recontres d´Umeå” and the Chairman of Les Rencontres, Paris France, Roger Tropéano and Project leader Roxelane Oliyar-Komikiw wrote:

The overall feedback from the delegates has been extremely positive; they expressed their appreciation on the content and clarity of your presentation. Though the time alloted was relatively short, your presentation was not only detailed but also thought-provoking thereby fuelling further informal discussions between participants. It was very interesting for all of us to learn about all of your projects, which contribute into the debate of a more welcome world, a world which as you said will include and not exclude. They are no doubt a way to inform about Sami people and current political and social issues. We really appreciated your creations and collaborations with other artists!

In September 2003 Monica was one of the presentators at an international art and glass conference at North Lands Glass, Lybster, Caithness Scotland. Giles Sutherland reports from this Landscape and Nature Conference, which brought together artists working in glass and other materials from around the world in ‘Northings – Highlands & Islands Arts Journal’ 2003:

….In a programme so diverse and exciting it’s perhaps unfair to pick out a ‘star’, but for my money the most compelling talk was Monica Edmondson’s account of her Sami ancestry in northern Sweden and how deeply imbedded cultural traditions (on the brink of oblivion only a few years ago) were informing her work as a contemporary glass artist.

The sense of snow, light, darkness, sound and colour of these vast circumpolar spaces suffused her work (with glass as an ideal medium for such expression). Bold and subtle, ancient and contemporary, Edmondson’s work bridged the seemingly unbridgeable gap between traditional and modern cultures….”