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Västerbotten på Grand 2014 – om kreativa näringar i inlandet. A presentation held by Monica at the opening day of Västerbotten @ Grand Hotel Stockholm. Some images and info about 100 MIGRATORY & how it is to work world-wide as an artist from a remote mountain area of north Sweden – Tärnaby. 13 minutes – in Swedish.

100 MIGRATORY jojk by Katarina Rimpi. Liverecording from the opening of the art exhibition 100 MIGRATORY at the Museum of Västerbotten Umeå 1 February 2014. A brand new jojk and 100 vessels of glass.

TV / Film

Daelvie – Winter. A series of 8 short films about the eight Sami seasons by Oskar Östergren. Monica L Edmondson is portrayed in the first film Daelvie – Winter. English subtitles. 5 minutes.

Provmalmen körs från Kallak. TV-clip from SVT Nordnytt 3rd of September 2013 where you can see vessel no. 36 in the middle of the protests agains mining at Gállok Jokkmokk (about 1:15 into the program). Vessel no. 36 is the only broken vessel of glass of the hundred, part of 100 MIGRATORY.

Konstvägens nya verk på plats. Västerbottensnytt 8th of August 2013 from the installation of the large stone and glass sculpture “Return” in Borgafjäll. 1:20 minuter


Kulturradion Special – Invigning av kulturhuvudstadsåret i Umeå. Swedish cultural radio program by Kerstin Berggren, 20 minutes, with interviews from the opening night of 100 MIGRATORY (ex. the Australian ambassador in Stockholm Gerald Thomson reflect on the exhibition). The interviews start 10:30 min into the program. Swedish broadcasting SR P1 4th of February 2014.

Konststöld på museum. Vessel no 60/100M is stolen from the exhibition 100 MIGRATORY at the Museum of Västerbotten. Radio broadcasting from the 11th of April 2014. 1:52 minutes. In Swedish.